Cry of the Loon, a comedic-drama in one act, examines the hollowness of an official - even if sincere - apology for the Canadian government's mistreatment of Indigenous peoples. The play does so by a modern day reversal of fortunes. Written by Malcolm Murray, directed by Jan Rudd, and with cultural advisement by Julie Pellesier-Lush and David Varis.

The panel will debrief the play sharing reflections and responding to the audience's thoughts, feelings and reactions.


"Cry of the Loon," will be Malcolm Murray's fifth play produced, and is included in his upcoming collection of plays published by Island Studies Press. His other publications include six short stories and five philosophy books by National and International presses, the last being Morals and Consent: Contractarian Solutions to Ethical Woes (McGill-Queens, 2017).


Julie Pellissier-Lush is a writer and a storyteller who is very active in the Mi'kmaq community of Prince Edward Island.  In 2009, Julie published her first book, ‘My Mi’kmaq Mother’ which became a best seller in PEI.  In 2011 Julie wrote the play ‘Mi’kmaq Legends’ that continues to grow stronger every year.  She fills her spare time with presentations on Aboriginal Culture and traditions using the art of storytelling poetry and theatre.   Julie is a Lennox Island First Nation Band member.