Panel 1: The Power of Storytelling — 9:00-10:30am, Friday, Oct. 4th

 In this Symposium, we will discuss what it means to work through a feminist approach, and the importance of developing authentic relationships and supporting collaboration to affect change. We will discuss the importance of including all voices, and the power of individual stories.

ACIC acknowledges and wishes to honour the deep historical and cultural tradition of storytelling in many, if not all, Indigenous communities. With this particular intersection in our Symposium theme, we wish to give prominence and space to Indigenous storytellers, stories, and ways of understanding. 

The act of connecting people from diverse paths by sharing stories is a powerful mechanism. In this panel discussion, we wish to bring together a cohort of speakers to share stories about the personal, the political, the polemical, or the public aspects of working to create transformational change towards gender equality.  

 In this panel, we hope to hear stories from BIPOC women, members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and others who have not had the platform to tell their stories:

·        stories about affecting transformational change through a feminist understanding

·        stories of personal struggle, success, overcoming, passion; grappling with structures of established power

·        stories of working within a hierarchy and striving to change it

·        stories where discrimination was experienced, was processed, and found consequence in positive, transformational change

·        stories that undo and see beyond assumptions of the gender binary

Information on panel speakers will be posted as speakers are confirmed.

Panel 1: Speakers

More speakers to come…