Symposium 2019 Speakers & Panels

Lissy Chacko.png

Southern Speakers Fund Recipient - Lissy Chacko

Lissy’s past work implementing campaigns focused around women & girls’ empowerment programs and participating in the protection of women in Kerala reflect the theme of gender equality for this year’s symposium. We can’t wait to hear her story!

Storytelling Panel Square.png

Panel 1: The Power of Storytelling

9:00-10:30am, Friday, Oct. 4th

The act of connecting people from diverse paths by sharing stories is a powerful mechanism. In this panel discussion, we wish to bring together a cohort of speakers to share stories about the personal, the political, the polemical, or the public aspects of working to create transformational change towards gender equality.  

Collab Panel Square.png

Panel 2: Successful Relationships and Collaboration

3:00-4:30pm, Friday, Oct. 4th

In this panel discussion, we ask: What are the success stories we can share that illuminate the best practices in prior or ongoing relationships and collaborations? Solidifying relationships is fundamental to the growth and wellbeing of all humankind, no matter the substance in which we work.