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Walking Together Towards a Sustainable Future

We live in a complex world where seemingly intractable issues divide us as human beings and where we are increasingly disconnected from the natural world that sustains us. Complex issues require holistic approaches that are informed by diverse voices working together across sectors, disciplines, and borders. In the face of social and political divisiveness, how do we overcome barriers to walk together on a journey that will lead us towards more sustainable and resilient societies? How do we work within our own communities to address local issues within a global framework? And what are the transformative steps we need to take that will allow us to travel the distance on this collective journey?

ACIC’s 2018 symposium will tackle these questions through a focus on climate change, indigenous issues, structural inequalities associated with access to wealth and natural resources, and the necessity of exploring collaborative responses to these issues that are designed to move us forward positively.

The Symposium will provide a rich networking and learning environment where a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops bring participants together around specific themes and issues. The aim of the Symposium is to strengthen individual and collective capacity, and increase dialogue on making connections between the issues and the actions necessary to create a sustainable future, both locally and globally. It will be an opportunity to work across sectors and issues, to promote values of pluralism, tolerance and respect. Participants will include international cooperation practitioners, religious groups, youth, indigenous leaders, feminists, local governments, environmentalists, issue-specific experts, advocates and academics. 

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